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  • Earn high returns @ 4% monthly/48% annual interest

  • Start investing with as less as Rs.1000

  • 400+ active Lenders across India

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  • 24-hr loan approval

  • No Physical Verification

  • Loan disbursal directly in bank account

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Stuck in a medical emergency ? Need funds for your vacation ?
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Earn High Returns

Earn High Returns

Z2P provides an opportunity to earn higher returns at 4% monthly interest as compared to any other investment platform. We connect you to credit-worthy borrowers looking for short term loans with our loan tenure being 1-month.

Lowest Default Rate

Lowest Default Rate

We make sure that recovery system of our platform is robust and that most of the potential defaults are addressed and provided an easy repayment option on time, before they are classified as defaulters.

Lowest Investment from 1000

Lowest Investment from 1000

You can start investing with as less as Rs.1000 without any processing fee. Our process is completely transparent and does not have any hidden charges.

24 Hour Loan Approval

24 Hour Loan Approval

In any kind of financial assistance, we will be there for you. Just apply via app with the required documentation and get your loan in your bank account within the same day.

Zero Paperwork

Zero Paperwork

No need to wait for physical verification or even a phone call, get your loan approved without these hassles. Just fill in your profile and apply from the app.

Anyone Can Borrow

Anyone Can Borrow

We don’t discriminate! Afterall, financial emergency can arise with anyone and we are there to help in those times of crisis, irrespective of your profession.

There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Never settle for 'satisfied'.


Reserve Bank of India does not accept any responsibility for the correctness of any of the statements or representations made or opinions expressed by Z2P, and does not provide any assurance for repayment of the loans lent on it.